• Josh Dane

SEO for Dummies. What it is and Why it Matters.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of matching your content, products, and services to the searches made by consumers on the internet.

If you have spent any time trying to learn about Search Engine Optimization, it can feel a little daunting but, done right, it can be a critical tool for success.

Improving your SEO is practically free and will help your business rank higher than other websites in your niche and gain more credibility with consumers.

Let’s understand how SEO works and why it matters for your company:

The Basics of SEO

When consumers are searching on Google for a product or service similar to yours, your business should be the highest ranking result that they see. This will drive more consumers to your website and increases the odds that they will choose your business over the competition.

So how do you improve your ranking on Google?

It all starts with Keywords. When searching on Google or other search engines, consumers type in keywords related to the content they are looking for. Think “Best credit card for travel” or “Dentist near Frisco”.

Related keywords are another essential component of keyword optimization. Related keywords are synonyms, similar, or technically associated terms that can strengthen your ranking. Optimizing your website to include keywords and related keywords is the first step to ranking higher in the results.

Building your SEO strategy

Now that you understand the basics of SEO, you need to craft an SEO strategy to support your goals.

First, you need to find the right keywords to target for your industry. There are many tools available to help you research keywords, understand what customers are searching for and the latest market trends.

Check out these tools and resources:

Google Trends

Google AdWords

Keywords Planner

Google Suggest

Second, it is important that the keywords you are targeting are present on every page of your website. Headings, Sub-Headings, and URLs should all contain your keywords.

Third, the content you are providing should be valuable and high-quality. Once you attract a consumer to your website, you need to draw them in with compelling content that builds trust in your brand and encourages them to make a purchase with you.


Search Engine Optimization might sound complicated but once you understand the basics you can start using it as a tool to help propel your business. The better you understand how consumers are searching for products and services like yours, the easier it will be for you to head off the competition and win their business.