• Josh Dane

Why Video Content is Important For Social Media

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Been thinking about how to improve your social media but not sure where to start? You should be considering creating video content to reach your audience. According to a study by SocialMediaToday, 100 million hours of videos are watched per day on Facebook alone!

Why do people watch videos? Let’s break it down.

  • Video content is easier and faster to digest and understand.

  • Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to communicate information, build trust and connect with people.

  • Dynamic video content immediately grabs the viewer's attention.

The magic of video content is that it simultaneously entertains and informs your audience. You can and should be taking advantage of video as much as possible across your social media networks.

Still not sure? Let’s look at some stats...

Video boosts conversions and sales

According to a report by BrightCove Social, 74% of consumers say watching product-related videos on social media influences their purchasing decisions. The data also shows that nearly half (46%) of consumers said they have actually made a purchase after watching a branded video on social media.

Whether they are videos announcing new goods or services or testimonials from other customers, consumers have come to expect video content from their favorite brands on social media networks. Regardless of whether you own a small business or large enterprise, you should take advantage of this opportunity and start creating engaging product videos to attract your potential audience.

Video shows great return on investment

We know. Creating a video is not the cheapest or the easiest undertaking, but it will pay off. A report from Small Business Trends found that each year, more small businesses are investing in video content. When surveyed, 87% are happy with the ROI they see on their videos and feel that it delivers more bang for their ad dollars.

If you can't invest a huge amount in video production, don’t worry! Using your smartphone camera and some online tools, you can create a good video with very little $$. Need ideas of what to film? How about customer testimonials? Videos of your store, office, staff, or services? You probably already have lots of great content waiting to be filmed.

When you are ready to share that amazing video you made, think about which platforms you want to share it on. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most preferred platforms that show a high return on investment.

Video is an ideal way of generating trust

It can be tricky to generate trust among any target audience, especially if your business is new. Creating promotional video content is a great way to introduce people to your product or service and build trust.

A video showcasing your product or service is a great medium to engage consumers who are more doubtful when it comes to buying products on the internet. A study by

E-Tailing on consumer behavior and shopping habits found that 57% of consumers feel more confident to buy online after watching the video of the product and are more likely to make a purchase.

Additionally, reviews and testimonial content in video format helps you build trust with prospective consumers and creates a human connection to your product or service.

Video content helps you explain everything

A study by WyzOwl found that when text and video are available on the same web page, 69% of people would prefer to watch the video to learn about a product or service. A staggering 98% say they would watch an explainer video to learn more.

So, no matter what you are trying to sell, in any industry, creating videos can help your audience understand exactly what your business is all about and how you are there to help them.

Final Words

Video is key to increasing your brand awareness, engaging your audience, showcasing your offerings and building trust. Making it an essential part of your marketing campaign will take your business to the next level.